After months of planning and stressing over every detail involved in starting an online marketplace, I am proud to announce that Local Goods Market is officially open for business. For anyone I haven’t spoken to throughout the start-up process, welcome! I am Brooks Whalen, founder of Local Goods Market and Jacksonville enthusiast.

As a child, and Jacksonville native, I remember walking through various historic districts thinking what a shame it was that so many businesses sat empty. It sometimes felt as if Jacksonville was a big city whose best years were behind it. But something happened over the years, despite economic declines and big-box super-marts coming and going; small business never died. Instead, Jacksonville began to reinvest in old ideas, like open-air markets and the resurgence of mom and pop shops. From murals to street performers, food trucks and art walks, our city came alive, made possible by the support of a community full of crafters, artists, business people and free thinkers. The reinvention of our city inspired me to visit every nook and cranny of our town, discovering countless local gems.

I developed Local Goods Market because I love Jax and all it has to offer. With more than one million people living in the greater Jacksonville area, and an abundance of natural resources, it should come as no surprise that almost anything one could ever want or need is made or offered right here. Now the charm and appeal of your favorite finds around town are available to you year-round, 24/7. Locally sourced and delivered to your front door.

I encourage businesses small and large to share their unique goods and services, either made here, “born” here or nurtured here. I encourage our neighbors and communities to look inward and see what is available in your own backyard. Welcome to Local Goods Market. Live here. Shop here. We are happy to bring it to you.