Vivienne Frankel: Still Life with Cats

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I have been taking photos most of my life.  Both my parents were amateur photographers and they instilled a love of the art in me at an early age.  I grew up in Silicon Valley, California and have lived all over the US as an adult.  I came to Jacksonville with my husband, a professor at UNF in the Coggin College of Business.  Together we have traveled to up to 50 other countries and that has fueled my passion for photography.  I retired after 24 years as a District Manager for Cracker Barrel in October of 2015 so we could go live in Italy for 7 months, while my husband was on sabbatical from UNF.  The second love of my life is my cat, Moses.  I was so happy to be asked to join Local Goods Market.  I love the sense of community that a local website for art and food is creating.


We asked Vivienne to answer a few questions that might help you get to know her and her work a little bit more. Here is what she had to say:

Can you describe what has inspired you the most in your life to get you to where you are today?

My inspiration comes from several places; my parents, my husband and most of all my own dream of being an artist. I spent most of my life in retail with limited creative outlets so when the time came to retire and try something new I decided to focus on my photography and the art I create with it.  My biggest inspiration to make a go of it came from the last conversation I had with my mother-in-law before she passed on.  She told me to pursue my dream because I had talent and I should share it.  Any time I get frustrated I think of her words and it helps keep the drive alive

Can you describe your relationship with Jacksonville?

I love how many places this city is at one time; beaches, rivers, downtown, Southside, Riverside/Avondale, Springfield and Murray Hill- so many different communities in one place.  I live in Riverside between 5 Points and Avondale and it’s like living in a small town.  I can walk to restaurants and shopping, It’s more of a community than most places I have lived.

What do you gain most from your work?

Right now the sense of community and the support of others doing the same work, sharing the same vision.  We all want our art to be the main focus of our life.  The friends I have made and the network connections mean so much to me being new to this world of Markets and Festivals.  They provide information about new market opportunities, where the best markets are and how to apply.  I’m looking forward to helping and mentoring other new artists as a way to give back to this community. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Jacksonville? 

Riverside Arts Market and walking the bridges.

What is you favorite place to eat?   

Food Trucks- all of them!

What is you favorite bridge in Jacksonville? 

The CSX drawbridge.

Thank you Vivienne!


Here are some events, workshops and projects will be working on in the near future.

Riverside Arts Market– I’m doing a special Father’s Day promo that is interactive.  Photo Op with Dad- making magnets or stickers of photos taken at the market or brought in for the purpose.

North Beaches Art Walk

Second Sundays in Springfield

Jax Beach Art Walk