The Birth of a Vision

I am a Jacksonville native, like my parents. I grew up on the Southside of town just outside of San Marco, but visited North Carolina often. Always one of my favorite places, I decided to go to college there and spent four years studying biology and chemistry and figured I would go into medicine so I could “do some good” in the world. After I graduated I returned home in 2007 amidst the “Great Recession” to find Jacksonville seemed to have grown up a bit. And so had I.

During the economic slump, makers, artists and small businesses poured into open air markets and empty spaces desperate to showcase their goods and talents. The historic shopping districts which had struggled for activity once again began to thrive. This was a new Jacksonville. One that I had never seen before. The roots of our community seemed to have taken hold in the direst of times and created a solid foundation for our city to grow.

This resurgence in my hometown sparked something in me. After practicing medicine for 4 years I knew I could do more to help my community. I learned firsthand that many of today’s ills come from a disconnected society in which people find themselves lost. The old saying “healthy mind, healthy body” rang true. I wanted to dedicate more of my time to continue and nurture the growth of the pillars of our community; the small businesses, the artists, the makers, the people who make Jacksonville what it is today. I believe what we choose to spend our money on in great part shapes the world we live in. When we buy local products, we are choosing to support our community, our neighbors, and in turn ourselves. That is why I created Local Goods Market.

While I whole-heartedly enjoy and support the various markets held periodically throughout Jax, I want to provide the same quality products you desire in one convenient place, 24/7, rain or shine. Local Goods Market is an easy and convenient way for local people to shop local products. If you live here, shop here. That’s our motto. We even go the extra mile, literally, by offering Local Delivery – which means we hand deliver every purchase to your doorstep.